Twitter Website Cards, the Best way to Cater More Audience and Ultimate Profits for your Business


Twitter launched a great option for businesses called website cards. It is simply unique and smartest way to advertise website and content on website within twitter to generate more traffic on your business page. When used the word traffic, it doesn’t mean random traffic. Best part of twitter business cards is that only relevant traffic will get on your website including your homepage, product page or any blog post that you made for your business on your website.

The Website Cards enable users to preview images, allow them to see only related context and enable a clear call to action in their timelines before tapping. Which means not only increase in traffic but quality of clicks you’re getting on your brand

While testing, it has been observed that significant decrease in CPC (cost per click) in comparison to the campaigns that used a URL and image to drive traffic, at the same time higher engagement rates and click-through average.

Website cards are 3x faster when it comes to conversion. Because whenever your audience will click through your content, an image that is eye catching, a big beautiful button for call to action that you’re providing them will create a secure sense and also meeting their need. But be sure that you’re creating the right type of content.

There are eight types of Twitter cards available specially built for Twitter web and mobile clients:

  1. Summary Card
  2. Summary Card with Larger Image
  3. Photo Card
  4. Gallery Card
  5. App Card
  6. Player Card
  7. Product Card
  8. Website Card

Website card is indeed a great way to test between all types of cards to make sure that what type of content works for you better. Also, it helps marketing big time than any other digital technique for marketing.

Best part is that the Website card is available for both mobile and desktop users. You need to pay attention that which format helps you to collect your desired ROI (Return Of Investment).

Be careful here. Twitter says that, since users are able to preview an image, related context and a clear CTA in their timelines before tapping, they’re more likely to click on the URL. This could be true, but it could also mean that users get an idea of what you’re trying to say/sell, and decide it’s not for them. Or that they feel they’ve got the gist from the Website Card and don’t need to go any further. Making your Website Cards alluring and clear but not holistic summaries (leave ’em wanting more!) is a good way to avoid this trap.

By leveraging Twitter’s targeting options based on signals like interest, keywords, and tailored audience segments, marketers can use the Website Card to drive qualified traffic from the right audience at precisely the right time. Our reports, such as our gold-standard Twitter Activity Report, can help you figure out which interests and keywords to target, and which audiences are the right fit for your content. When you download the report into Excel, you can even choose which keywords you’re interested in seeing data about. The more you know, the better you’ll target.


The Website Card can also be used to measure the end-to-end conversion from a Tweet engagement or impression to a lower-funnel action, like a signup or purchase. This kind of information is invaluable, telling you whether your Twitter efforts are striking pay dirt – or just striking out.

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