How to Generate New Visitors To Your Website? Part 1

As an Online (offline as well) entrepreneur, one question that kept bugging me when I was just starting this blog is How Do I Get Traffic to My Website?  I am sure that you are probably experiencing that now as well, since you are here and reading my blog post.  Never pout as there are a lot of ways to drive traffic to your website or any business you have online.

There are 2 ways that I used to bring traffic or visitors to my websites (not just this one), and you can imitate it too:

  1. Free Traffic
  2. Paid Traffic.


Unfortunately, not everybody has money to invest on Paid Traffic so they opted to try Free Traffic which is not bad at all.  In fact, there are a lot successful Online Entrepreneurs that started with Free Traffic then eventually moved to Paid Traffic when they had enough money to pay for the advertisement of their websites or the product they are trying to sell.

Here are couple of ways to increase your website visitors with these Free Traffic:

Search Engines Submissions

Those are only few of the search engines out there to use.  There are many more.

Web Directories Submissions

Web directories are a great resource for high quality backlinks, it improves search engine results and creates traffic for your website.

Submitting your website link to these directories is the best way of achieving natural one-way links to your website.  This task is a bit tedious but you can do it yourself, or if you have an extra fund like $5, you can outsource it on Fiverr or Upwork (formerly known as Odesk).

There are 200+ web directories online.

Classified Ad Websites

Online Classifieds can generate tons of traffic to your website if you use them consistently.  At least three times a week.

Video Marketing Sites

When talking about Video Online Sites, there’s only one site we think about; it is Youtube isn’t it?  Well, did you know that there are more than 60 plus video websites that you can submit your video to?  Do not forget to you include your website link on your profile.

Here are some the video websites that you can first try out: (you think?)

Social Bookmarking Websites


Participating in a Forum discussion is a very powerful tactic especially if you intend to build your list (as they say “Money is in the List”).

But you have to bring value to the Forum Community, participate in the duscussion, give some helpful tips and advices, ask and answer questions, but the most important thing to do in a forum is to post quality information.  That way, you will build trust; people who seek help in the Forum will adore you, and eventually follow you.

The important things to remember is NEVER SPAM or bombard them with offers and beg members to visit your site.  That is kinda lame.

List of Forums: (#1 on Online Marketing Niche)

There are more Forum Communities out there, depending on your niche.

Blog Commenting

Search for blogs that are similar to your niche that has a lot of traffic and engage with the discussion.

Find as many high traffic blogs as you can and leave useful comments.  Sometimes, a comment in a question form works too.  Hey, a visitor is a visitor.  You never know that they will sign up to your e-mail list.  In case you are not building that yet, you better start NOW.

When you leave a comment in a blog, there is an option to link your name to your website.  Your purpose why you are in that comment section is to help other readers and participate in a discussion like what I have mentioned when you are in a Forum Community.  Hopefully, people that read your comment click your website link.

Build friendship.  Build Trust.

Remember when commenting don’t be sarcastic, be polite.

Those are the Free Traffic I use for my business.

I will discuss the Paid traffic on the Part 2 of this Blog Post.

Hopefully this post helped you out and you can leave a comment below to start getting free traffic.

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