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First, A little about me…

This is ME!

My name is Louie Miranda and I have been working overseas for U.S. Based companies since 1994, almost ½ of my life!

To supplement my regular income I started a Travel and Food blog, which has provided me with some additional income through third party marketing firms that wanted to place ads on those blogs, and additionally through Google Adsense “Pay Per Click” systems. Though good sources of secondary income, they have not provided the needed levels I had hoped for to fund the travel adventures I try to pursue a couple of times each year. Unfortunately these “getaways” are also dependent on my vacation allowance, and company policies.

As I looked further, it became apparent that I would never achieve the true level of FREEDOM I’ve dreamed about until I became my own boss, and took control of my own destiny. That is when I decided to try a different kind of Internet Marketing. As you are aware, there are a lot of Internet Marketing schemes and scams out there, so before I invested any of my hard earned money to a system, I did my research. This is when I discovered My Online Business Empire (MOBE) that was founded by Matt Lloyd from Australia.

I followed Matt’s system, and my business began to grow. NO I don’t have that six figure income just yet, but I can see that it IS possible if I continue to follow the system, do my research and keep to my business plan. MOBE is about partnering with others that have similar ideas and work as a team that allows each person to grow their business at their own pace and comfort level. This is NOT high pressure sales, or underhanded business tactics. It is a proven system that works if you simply follow the guidelines the company has established.

I can help you to realize YOUR dreams of independence and freedom if you will let me?

My business plan is built on building relationships with my partners. I provide the tools that my partners need to start their own business, and then up to you as to how much you want to earn. If you wish to know more about MOBE and how I can help you to achieve your dreams of independence and provide you a business income stream of your own, go to my “Bonus Page’ and check it out and make your own determination of MOBE’s benefits for you and YOUR future.

Contact me at the following;

Email: miranda.louie@gmail.com

Skype: Miranda.louie.ph

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/louiemirandaph

My Facebook Page: Click this Link

I hope you will contact me and look into this further, as this IS your chance to get ahead and create the independence you have always dream of.



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